STIMULUS Engineering Announces Cyber Intelligence Training Series in Partnership with Treadstone 71

Crane, IN, February 7, 2017:  STIMULUS Engineering Services and Treadstone 71 (T71) are enrolling now for a first of its kind Cyber Intelligence Training Series, with the first of the four courses beginning June 5th at WestGate Academy in Odon, IN. Developed by Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for T71, this series follows intelligence tradecraft following standard intelligence community lifecycle including collection methods, techniques, planning, PIRs, and collection tools and targeting with a focus on intelligence analysis. The educational flow is planned to include counterintelligence techniques, passive intelligence collection, clandestine cyber HUMINT, cyber persona development and management, as well as proven methods for anonymity and operational security.

“We crafted these courses after years of academic delivery, inclusion of intelligence community standards, and real-world use of the tradecraft in potentially hostile cyber environments,” said Bardin. “The student receives training taken directly from adversary engagements.”

The cyber security community is very short on cyber security experts. The intent is not to get so far behind with cyber intelligence. Students execute to several case studies taken directly from today’s headlines. The education, training, and hands-on activities are sure to add immediate value to their organizations and should add dollars to their salaries. Many previous students of the cyber intelligence course are already adding value to the world’s largest organizations and delivering value at threat intelligence vendors.

As part of the series, Jeff has developed a brand new course as the fourth component, Cyber Intelligence Analyst Certification. Offered for the first time at WestGate, this course educates students on the processes in the production of intelligence in which intelligence information is subjected to systematic examination in order to identify significant facts and derive conclusions. This course, along with Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Counterintelligence and Clandestine Cyber HUMINT will prepare both entry-level and experienced analysts to offer immediate value to their organizations.

According to Doug Rapp, President/CEO of the Cyber Leadership Alliance, “the cyber intelligence training that Jeff Bardin (T71) provides is unparalleled in the industry. Jeff utilizes his extensive intelligence experience and skills to teach his students the hands on tradecraft of open source cyber intelligence operations. Whether your business is security operations, business intelligence, competitive intelligence or investigative services, this comprehensive hands on training will pay dividends to your efforts.”

For additional details on the series or to enroll, see the links below or contact Kimberly Frazier at STIMULUS Engineering.

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